Wedding photographers and videographers in California and Hawai’i

A little history lesson: Jess and Chris have been in the business for a long time, and like all long term businesses, they have continued to grow and expand. Jess started in 2013 as The Jessica Santos, but a few months after she started, she realized she couldn’t do it without Chris! He was a valuable asset and partner, so slowly they started to build The Santos and CO together. In January of 2017 they officially launched The Santos and CO and dropped “The Jessica Santos” (buh byeee). Jess created a free internship program for college students in hope of future expansion and the creation of an online course available to all. Through this 14 week internship course they have adopted a couple people into The Santos and Co family. You can meet each team or individual below! Every person plays a very important role, and like the human body, The Santos and Co wouldn’t function the same without all its working parts.


Oah’u based wedding photographers

Mya and Shelby

Looking for the the best videographer and photographer in O’ahu, Hawai’i? Meet Shelby (left) and Mya (right)! Just a couple of former college kids who fell in love, got married, and moved to paradise!


Shelby was the first student to go through The Santos and Co internship(!!!!!) He is an old soul with a calming spirit and an adventurous heart. Shelby is a thoughtful romantic, and it shows in his photos and videos. Check out some of his DREAMY tropical videography here!


Mya is his CUTEEE wife and is the genius who works behind the scenes to make your love story beautiful! Mya is our copy editor/writer, blog creator, and serves as our storytelling expert. You will never find her without her pen, paper, or latest short story!


Shelby and Mya are currently taking weddings for The Santos and Co throughout Hawai’i, specifically on the island of O’ahu. Are you into snorkeling? Hiking? Exploring the endless beauty of the Hawaiian islands? WELL THEN LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!

Cliff Side Oahu Proposal
Tropical Oahu Canyon engagement
Shelby and Mya Hands self portrait Oahu
bride and groom underwater wedding photo

Nicole Nordstrom

Based in Northern California and TRAVELING

Nicole nordstrom for the Santos and co

Meet Nicole Nordstrom, a photographer and videographer based loosely in Northern California.  She is currently traveling New Mexico until she returns home in December. Her camera is her right-hand man; it travels with her everywhere and has opened her eyes to the incredible beauty of the world. She is a passionate storyteller and her goal is to authentically communicate who you are with each photo and video she creates. When not working with the Santos and CO, you can find her exploring and hiking with friends, hanging out with family, or planning her next travel adventure! …Or editing your wedding footage in her pajamas on the couch with her cat!


Nicole is taking weddings for The Santos and CO in Northern California and is the wanderlust of the company. Chris and Jess have more limited schedules with two babies, so they confidently send Nicole out to travel the globe shooting love stories in the most beautiful places. Doing this allows The Santos and Co to spread their expertise and sought after “The Santos and Co experience”. To put it plainly they were tired of having to say “no” to couples they loved. With Nicole on the team they don’t have to!

Nicole Nordstrom with the Santos and co
Nicole Nordstrom with the Santos and co
Nicole Nordstrom with the Santos and co
Nicole Nordstrom with the Santos and co


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